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Preaching On Every Channel is a book that fosters creativity and innovation in preaching, teaching and public speaking. Preachers, Communicators, Teachers, Public Speakers, Business Executives and Influencers will be provided multiple, usable templates that will simplify their content preparation.After reading and applying these concepts, practitioners will have a broader perspective and be equipped to reach diverse audiences. Although the digital and post-pandemic worlds have changed the listening and content consumption tendencies of listeners, this book offers enumerable tools that will help communicators to remain relevant yet substantive to all generations.


"Unprecedented models for sermon forms are rare to the point of being exotic species.  Dr. Smith has ingeniously discovered and artfully presented a way of thinking about preaching based on the genre of movies and sitcoms.  This unparalleled approach is pitch perfect for the post-pandemic preaching possibilities.  We must never change the message but may always change the methods to meet the moment."


Joel C. Gregory



“I think every rising generation faces the challenge of communicating the timeless, triumphant truth of the Gospel with a relevant, timely approach. In these pages, Dr. Smith gives every serious student of preaching a new appreciation of God’s revelation in the Scriptures and a series of instructive illustrations of how to tell the truth truthfully.” 


Charlie Dates, PhD 

Preaching on Every Channel

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