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About MYM 


Post-modernity presents a plethora of challenges for local churches. Seemingly, there is an “anti-faith” movement that now permeates our global society. It appears that many people are more skeptical and cynical toward the Church of the Lord Jesus. When the character and integrity of leaders and parishioners is questioned, the flames of church antagonism are provided an abundance of fuel. This conference has convened to assist pastors and church leaders in addressing the aforementioned. Our Great God mandates us to remain on the “cutting-edge,” even when conditions do not appear to be most favorable.

We will be blessed to delve into some of the most critical areas affecting the “Body of Christ.” We are convinced that our conversations, deliberations and facilitations will propel each of us to new dimensions in ministry.

We have giving our best effort to ensure your absolute comfort and pleasure during the conference. Our ultimate desire is that you would leave equipped, enlightened and empowered. Thank you for considering to spending this precious time with us, and we will not take your time investment lightly. We would be delighted to have you present at this conference to hear what our presenters have to share.  

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