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Oft times in our lives we feel abandoned by God because we are put in situations that curtail our progress.  No friends and family are available to give assistance.Your privileged adversaries have issued false claims upon you.   In the darkest hours of your life you are alone and you see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr Smith uses the “crucifixion” scripture in St Mark 15:1 to explain how to overcome darkness in your life.  Jesus overcame this by using two amazing elements. Once you listen to this sermon, you will learn what to do in the midnight hour. When you need a song of encouragement, don't forget the hymns of the church!

"Even in darkness, don't forget you have a relationship with Jesus."

~ Dr. E. Dewey Smith

#LiveBetter #Faith #Harvest2018

Mark 15:1 & 32-33


How Jesus Dealt With The Darkness

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