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Has your “Season of Light” turned to darkness because of Life’s Floods? Why does the Creation of Things that once brought Joy now cause grief?

In this moving sermon, Dr. E. Dewey Smith surmises that when life situations change, camouflage is exposed by the truth in due time. Although there’s chaos all around you, your name is Noah (Hebrew meaning Rest). When you’re connected to God, He’ll give you Peace and Serenity to Rest in the Assurance of Your Identity.  Think about how your elders prophesied and spoke a Word over your life and Be ThankFul for Your Methuselah. God’s Warning and Sufficient Grace is rooted in your family’s lineage. Look to your past, in the Hope for a Strong Future, then Pray It Forward to weather life's storms.

"We need faith to survive life's floods". ~ Dr. E. Dewey Smith

Scripture References: Genesis 6:6-11 & Hebrews 11:7


Faith To Survive Life's Floods

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