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E. Dewey Smith, national bestselling author and pastor to thousands, challenges us to start living life with purpose, and on purpose.

“We’ve only got one life to live—and none of us will live forever,” Smith writes. Having endured the excruciating pain of losing both his mother and sister within weeks, Smith felt compelled to teach others how to maximize their time and life on Earth, and how to place blinders on to avoid people and things that serve as a distraction to living a life of purpose.

“The sobering truth is our lives will be over before we realize it,” says Smith. “Why spend another second living a life that isn’t personally meaningful to you?”

It is commonly said that more people fail due to a lack of purpose than a lack of talent, so, E. Dewey Smith expertly weaves elements of both the spiritual and practical to form this compelling book on how to live on purpose. He explores living on purpose as being a conscious decision one makes, and offers specific and clear actions for readers who seek to make that choice for their lives. “No one wants to die having never lived,” Smith pens.

With his unique spiritual teaching and street understanding of living a fulfilling life, Smith answers the ‘what, when, where, and why’ about purpose, and culminates his message leaving readers feeling inspired, impacted, and energized to live life to the fullest—on purpose!

Living On Purpose

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