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About the Assembly

Inspiring, relevant, and always cutting edge

 It is with divine love that we greet you. Truly the Great Head of the Church has graced us with providential privilege by allowing us to be a part of this historic gathering. All praises be unto Him!  

Not only must ministers weather the winds of external dissonance, but we are also threatened by the storms of internal corrosion. Often pride, jealousy and ambition prevent us from operating with a Kingdom mentality. Mutual exchange and healthy partnerships/mentorships are sorely lacking for many leaders who are desirous of next level ministry. 

Also, healthy “Spiritual Relationships” have been corrupted and turned into “ecclesiastical network marketing schemes.” Many spiritual parents and spiritual children need healthy paradigms for 21st Century ministry. 

The Ambassadors Assembly has convened to assist pastors and ministers in addressing the aforementioned. Our Great God mandates us to remain on the “cutting-edge,” even when conditions do not appear to be most favorable. In addition, 

The Ambassadors Assembly is designed to be a multicultural fellowship/mentorship program of extremely diverse Christian ministers who have identified a necessity for mentoring and are interested in having a spiritual covering. 

“A mentor is someone who has been where you want to go and who is willing to help you get there.”

Our objective is to cultivate covenant relationships that will foster comprehensive spiritual leaders. 

To be an effective participant in the Ambassadors Assembly, you must ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Do I have a sincere interest in learning?
  2. Am I willing to commit time to developing and maintaining a “working” relationship?
  3. Am I willing to work on my own growth and development?
  4. Am I willing to be open and honest with myself and another person?
  5. Am I willing to listen to critical feedback?
  6. Can I participate without adversely affecting my other responsibilities?
  7. Am I committed to be an active participant?

Here is what Scripture has to say about mentoring:

“Get all the advice you can and be wise the rest of your life.” Proverbs 19:20

“For waging war, you need guidance, and for victory many advisors.” Proverbs 24:6

Why join The Ambassadors Assembly?

  • Benefits
  1. Mentoring Program
  2. Spiritual Covering and Oversight to members
  3. Receive Care Calls and Ministry Updates
  4. Monthly Conference Calls 
  5. Ministry Development 
  6. Coaching
  7. Leadership Training 
  8. Ministry Development
  9. Training programs for members
  10. Accountability plan
  11. Monthly Video Development 
  12. Weekly Sermon Notes
  13. Weekly Sermon MP3
  • Support
  1. Financial support to active churches 
  2. Direct Contact to Leader in emergency matters to active members 
  3. Marketing and Branding support 
  4. Discretional Crisis Support
  5. Assistance with leadership transitions and succession
  6. Interim Leadership Assistance
  7. Lifestyle Remediation
  • Deliverables
  1. Online access to member only resources
  2. Special Member-Only Discounts to Events and Resources
  3. Early access to conference registration 
  4. Use of logo on website/marketing material
  5. Ministry displayed on AA website and material
  6. Special Seating at Conferences and Special Events
  7. Exclusive Member Newsletter
  8. Ambassadors Assembly Updates
  9. Regional / National / International Conferences 
  • Expectations 
  1. Hold up Leader and Leadership team in prayer 
  2. Support all fellowship events in attendance and financially 
  3. Represent fellowship at the highest level of excellence
  4. Spread the word about fellowship to other pastors and churches 
  5. Be a part of the great vision and move of God 

Finally, you will be blessed to delve into some of the most critical areas affecting the “Body of Christ.” We are convinced that our conversations, deliberations and facilitations will propel each of us to new dimensions in ministry. 

As a member of The Ambassadors Assembly, you have an excellent opportunity not only to improve your ministry/organization, but to also become a part of movement that will have a direct impact on someone’s life. 

We are expecting attendees for this assembly from all over this region. In closing, always remember, if you will stay small enough long enough, God will make you big enough soon enough.

E. Dewey Smith Ministries